About us

We work with the entire ecosystem to provide solutions to any kind of sourcing problems.
From battery sourcing, to connectors, frames, rims, lights, fully bicycle. Standard products, customized products. We have access to reliable and professional supplier and designers.
OSCO was created by people who spent years living in Asia interfacing with suppliers in the mobility industry and are familiar with development cycle including hardware and software.

E-Bike Assembly factory

ODM manufacturer

Full system supplier

Frame designer

Product design house

Shipping companies

We have worked and work with them

Our projects

OSCO has provided the below services:
For confidential reasons we do not share names and project dates.

E-MTB prototyping (2) in Taiwan - new brand
Battery and connector sourcing - large French supplier
Food delivery E-Bike prototype (5) sourcing - French market leader
Diverse smaller sourcing projects (rims, system,
Multi-supplier collaboration set-up